Belize Rainy Season: Rain, Thunder, and Lighting is the Norm

Growing up and living in the Northwest and Seattle, I’m accustomed to rain. It’s part of life for any Seattleite. But if I thought I was used to the rain, the rain in the tropics of Belize is in another category. One second the sun is shining, the next you better take cover from the torrential downpour, and many times there’s not much time between the two.

P1000436In the tropics, the rainy season runs from about June to October, which is in line with hurricane season, so rain here is common during those five months. OK, I’m from Seattle and used to seeing rain for more than five months out of the year. The difference? Well, thunder and lightning is not common in Seattle, but here in Belize, rain, thunder, and lightning usually all play together.

Living on the sea side of the road, it is easy to see rain coming (if it’s during the day of course). We look out at the Caribbean and see the rain coming by reading the dark and nasty clouds. We have even gotten good at knowing when we have an hour to take cover or just a few minutes. It is actually pretty cool to watch the weather unfold in front of our eyes by living on beach and sea.

I’m especially reminded that I’m in the tropics and not in Washington anymore when I’m sound asleep and am jolted right out of bed by thunder and lightning or just rain, but really hard and loud rain. Since tin rooftops are the norm here, when it rains hard, you can’t miss it!

Sometimes the thunder rolls, just like Garth Brooks sings about. It rolls and rolls and rolls. And this is after the lightning wakes me up because it is so close, it lights up the room. Between the thunder, lightning, and rain, there is a recipe for lack of sleep.

Oh, but I’m not saying that Belize’s variety of rain is all bad. It is part of life in the tropics and part of this widely new and different experience. There is a positive side to the rain. Usually when the rain comes, it brings with it lower temperatures, such as 80 degrees, and that’s the “sunny” side of this story. Sometimes I even need a sheet AND a blanket to keep me warm at night. Life in the tropics: torrential downpours with cool 80 degrees.


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I'm a blogger, writer, and editor taking advantage of the opportunity to blog about life in Belize. With social media such a part of our everyday lives and businesses, blogging is essential for some of us to share with the world, especially when living in another world. Social media is here to stay, and we must embrace it.

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